The Silver Eagle 340

The 340 Silver Eagle

With the first flight on June 25th, 2008, the Cessna 340 Platformed Silver Eagle 340 took to the skies utilizing two Rolls Royce 250-B17F/2 Turboprop Engines. FAA Certification is expected in late 2010.  The 250-B17F/2 Turboprop engines are compact, economical, and very powerful at 450 hp, weighing only 205 lbs each.

Beyond the increased economical advantages, the weight savings produced by replacing the standard piston engines with the lighter Rolls-Royce turbine engines results in improved useful load, even after the addition of new systems and increased fuel capacity.

The twin Turboprop Silver Eagle 340 conversion fulfills the aspirations of CEO Myron “Ole” Olson of O and N Aircraft Modifications, whose goal has been to establish a fitting complement to the Silver Eagle I. The Silver Eagle I conversion has been in production for since 1993 with over 100 completed units.

For additional information on the Silver Eagle 340, please contact O&N (Myron Olson) at 570-945-3769 or Propjet(Bob Nicolas) 707-327-8686.

Complete Standard Conversion: Includes all Materials, Labor, and Warranty (Customer Provides or Funds Purchase of 340 or 340A Airframe)


  • Engines – Two New Rolls-Royce (Allison) 250-B17F/2
  • Two Hartzell Three-Blade Reversible De-Iced Propellers
  • New Custom All-Metal Instrument Panel
  • S-TEC 55 Autopilot with Altitude Preselect, GPSS
  • New Air Conditioning & Gas Heater (Jet A)
  • Auxiliary Fuel – 92 Gals Added – Total 252 Gals.
  • Super Sound Proofing
  • Dual Elevator Trim Tab Actuators
  • New Wiring Throughout Aircraft
  • Emergency Standby Radio Master Switch
  • New Tires, Brakes & Rotors
  • New Clock – OAT & Volts
  • Low Fuel Quantity Warning system
  • Low Voltage System
  • New Annunciator
  • Overhaul Landing Gear
  • Factory Training
  • New Custom Paint & Clear Coat of Complete Aircraft
  • New Interior – Side Panels / Headliner / Carpet / Seats – Customer’s Choice
  • Current Annual Inspection


  • Garmin G600 Flight Display System Standyby
  • Garmin 430 #1 & # 2 Nav/Com/GPS WAAS
  • Garmin GTX-330 Transponder System
  • Garmin GDL69A with Down-link Weather and Audio
  • GTS-800 Traffic System
  • L3 Avionics ESI-1000 Trilogy Instrument System
  • Castleberry Emergency Battery
  • GMA-347 Audio Panel
  • S-Tec 55 Yaw Damper
  • Wire Harness / Antenna Package