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The Silver Eagle

In Production Since 1993 & Still in a Class by Itself…
Modifying a standard Cessna Pressurized 210 airframe with the installation of a Rolls-Royce (Allison) 250-B17F/2 gas turbine engine, is only the first step in what results in a totally re-manufactured aircraft, known as The Silver Eagle.
Countless new dimensions and features are incorporated into the modification as well. Here is a look at just a few:

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With 45 percent more horsepower on take-off and climb, you will
    • Cut 1/2 from the take-off distance
    • Shave the landing roll to a mere 500 feet
    • Climb to cruise altitude in only 8-10 minutes
    • Move speed from 169 Kts to above 216 Kts
    • Slice block times by an average of 20-30%

By replacing the 510 pound Continental engine with the 205 pound turbine, payload is immediately increased by 140 pounds, even AFTER taking into consideration the higher jet fuel weight, and other new systems.

A new flight deck welcomes the crew; a customized all-metal instrument panel with clusters of turbine gauges in addition to standard avionics and systems, including an S-Tec 55 Autopilot with Altitude Pre-Select.

This is one of the few high performance aircraft that meets Alpine Country noise restrictions.

The Silver Eagle offers cabin comfort at its best! No other affordable single-engine general aviation aircraft offers both turbine power and pressurization. Air conditioning is standard equipment; pressurization retained to 23,000′.

Dual pumps provide IFR back-up, one electrically driven by the 150-Amp alternator, and one mechanically driven by the engine. Since weight has not been a penalty, a large 40+Amp battery serves as a further electrical power reserve.

Range takes a giant stride-from 760 NM to 1030 NM. A 27-gallon fuel tank is added as standard in the baggage area, extending useable fuel to 115 U.S. gallons. This distance is accomplished at standard cruise, but powering back a few knots can move the range to well above 1200 NM ~ almost a 50% increase over the standard piston. Jet-A almost always costs less per mile than AvGas. Overseas, the cost savings can cut as much as 50% from fuel bills.

Extending beyond the obvious new nose, engine mounts and cowling, flight control surfaces have been strengthened with combinations of additional ribs, heavier fittings, dual trim tab actuators, and mass balancing of the rudder and ailerons.

The flight standard Hartzell propeller is further complemented by optional aircraft de-ice packages. The Silver Eagle’s 90-inch, three-bladed reversible propeller provides STOL performance, snappy climbs, optimum cruise, and the ability to BACK INTO parking areas.

Turbinization effectively reduces cockpit workload, permitting the pilot more time to concentrate on mission discipline and enjoy the freedom of flight. Single-engine turbine reliability reaches toward twin engine safety, considering the reduction in operational complexity and increased power reserve. Reduced engine maintenance (3500 hours TBO) and improved starting ease means increased operational readiness.
Learn More About Turbine Power at the Rolls-Royce Web Site

Once a Silver Eagle conversion is completed, the owner takes delivery of a virtually “new” aircraft, with no detail left unattended. The interior is totally redone at our own upholstery shop, in colors, styles, and high quality materials selected by the customer.
The aircraft is completely repainted and clear coated, with paint colors and scheme customized by the new owner. Don’t be surprised when your new Silver Eagle attracts attention wherever it lands – this is a one-of-a-kind airplane that you’ll be proud to fly.


Engine Rolls-Royce (Allison) 250-B17F/2 (450 shp)
Propeller Hartzell 3-blade full reversible with de-ice (2030 rpm)
Cruise speed @ 16,000 ft 215 knots
Maximum altitude 23,000 ft
Rate of climb @ gross weight 2,200 feet/minute
Fuel consumption 20 gal/hr @ 23,000 feet
Range (as equipped) 1030 nautical miles
Fuel capacity (as equipped) 115.8 gal
Take-off distance 600 feet
Landing distance 500 feet
Basic empty weight 2,470 lbs
Maximum gross weight 4,016 lbs
Passengers Six-place


The Silver Eagle stands in a class by itself. No other Pressurized, Single-Engine Turbine Aircraft offers a standard package that includes as many options and features for a single price. Take a look at the others and then compare – if this is your market, the Silver Eagle is the best value available.

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